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Convert Website Visitors to Customers by Identifying Them

95% of website visitors leave your site and never return.

We can identify anonymous site visitors and provide you with complete and accurate contact information.

This is not retargeting. It’s direct marketing to HOT prospects.

Identify Website Visitors

With TruConnect cutting edge technology we can identify real time visitors to your site and what the prospect is interested in.

This is not retargeting because we can personally identify the visitor and capture their Name, email address and physical address.

Database Development

TruConnect provides ongoing database development for your company by providing you compete visitor records so that they can be added to your internal database or CRM.

You will OWN the record and you can use the contact information for ongoing sales and marketing email and direct mail campaigns.

Email Marketing

Once the website visitor is identified by our system, it will automatically send them messaging specifically tailored based upon what pages of your site they visited.

Direct Mail

By knowing who visited your site and what they are interested in provides you the opportunity to reach in market shoppers that have already showed interest in doing business with you via direct mail.

Utilizing state of the art printing and distribution facilities we can customize the direct mail for each prospect.  This dramatically improves response rates.

Outbound Calls

In addition to email and postal records we are able to provide you with a percentage of prospect phone numbers that can be used for your outbound marketing efforts.

For companies with BDC’s this provides hot prospects that are predisposed in doing business with your company.

This is NOT retargeting! It is database building.

Start making connections today.

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