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Most companies spend thousands of dollars a month driving traffic to their website and unfortunately most of the visitors leave and never return.  And, most websites are not designed with effective data capture forms which contributes to the low conversion rates.

We have a solution for that!

TruConnect, our Site Visitor Identity technology solution, has one job to do, and that is to identify many of those high-value, previously anonymous website visitors and provide them back to you for timely remarketing – and these valuable prospects can be added to your own CRM.

In fact, each day, TruConnect can provide you with a file containing:

  1. Full Name of the exact individual who visited your site!
  2. Full Postal Address
  3. Opt-in Email address
  4. Pages Visited
  5. Time on Site
  6. Optional Data Append of additional attributes, such as Phone Number for direct phone follow-up by your Sales Team

TruConnect solves the problem of non-captured – lost – site visitors by identifying many of them and sending these high-intent prospects to you so that they can be added to your CRM.  And, to make it completely turn-key for you, the TruConnect system can also automatically deploy a targeted email campaign to the now identified prospect, on your behalf – the very next day after their site visit!

Getting started is easy – You’re 3 Simple Steps Away From Driving Sales Through TruConnect:

  1. We assign your unique TruConnect pixel
  2. You install the pixel on your site
  3. Go Live!
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